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His Marriage to Remember 
The Good, The Bad and The Texan

June 2012 seeing a tough, rugged cowboy brought to his knees and Kathie is one of the best writers to do this.

Awesome read. Kathie DeNosky is embarking on a new series called The Good, The Bad and The Texan about 6 troubled teen boys who were sent to a ranch and became successful, honorable and upstanding members of society. Can't wait to hear all about Nate, T.J, Ryder, Jaron and Lane (the other 5 brothers with only Nate being biological). I love seeing a tough, rugged cowboy brought to his knees and Kathie is one of the best writers to do this. She could’ve taken this story in another direction where Bria took advantage of the situation but instead Bria was leery. This time it would be almost impossible to walk away from Sam again.

Christa Runge, avid romance reader


Expecting the Rancher's Heir
Dynasties: The Jarrods

September 2010

I love how this series is playing out. It’s great seeing Erica (from the first book) slowly fitting in to this family. The authors are doing a fabulous job keeping the story and characters consistent. I love seeing characters that are coming up and just know they are going to be fun characters. I did think Melissa was too concerned about other people’s opinions at the beginning. Luckily she realized this.

Christa Runge, avid romance reader, rated it 4.5 Hearts


A Rare Sensation

February 2005

...a tale of buried secrets, awakening passion, and love between a man and woman that’s breathtaking.

Dynasties: The Ashtons

Abigail Ashton has spent most of her life trying to convince herself and everyone else that she's not like her tramp of a mother. Russ Gannon hasn't had an easy life either. Orphaned at 15, he's made his way in the world, earning his keep with the only two skills he has: riding bulls and growing grapes. Russ' promises force Abby out of her protective shell to discover the love she was destined for in his arms. Kathie DeNosky continues the Ashton's Dynasty with A Rare Sensation (4). The story is filled with loads of internal conflict from both characters; that, and a sensuously driven plot keep the pages turning.

Angela Keck, Romantic Times

"A Smoky Mountain Christmas"
with Stella Bagwell and Annette Broderick
December 2004 enchanting anthology

From three very talented authors comes an enchanting anthology that readers are going to absolutely fall in love with. In Getaway, readers meet three women who are all traveling to different locations to celebrate the holiday season. The women introduce themselves to each other and soon become fast friends. As their respective flights are called, each woman promises to meet back at the airport and tell how their Christmas went.

Kathie DeNosky's Smoky Mountain Christmas is a charming story about a woman who learns that Christmas is meant to be spent with those you love -- like family and friends -- from a man who loves the holiday. Lucas and Megan are bewitching characters and their story is superb. I love to read stories where two people who are total opposites -- a mountain man and a city girl -- find a common

For a delightful intermission during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, pick up your copy of Getaway today. It's truly one for the keeper's shelf and it brings home the true meaning of Christmas.

Robin Peek, Writers Unlimited Reviewer


Baby at His Convenience

July 2004


...a witty and enteratining story of love


Katie wonders if her sudden attraction to the silent stranger at her diner has anything to do with her doctor's ominous warning that if she wants children, she'd better start having them soon. Jeremiah Gunn is handsome, but he's not very friendly. Jeremiah had hoped coming to Piney Knobb would help him accept his new and unwelcome civilian status. The last thing he wants is romance, but he's attracted to Katie. Kathie DeNosky weaves her magic yet again, and the results are spellbinding. Baby at His Convenience (4.5) is a witty and entertaining story of love between characters who do not fit the standard cookie-cutter mold.



Angela Keck, Romantic Times

Remembering One Wild Night
January 2004 book you will remember.
The third book in the Texas Cattleman's Club: The Stolen Baby series.

Kathie DeNosky has written another great story that keeps you entertained. It had me wondering who would want to hurt Natalie and take her precious baby, Autumn, from her. I could feel the pain that Travis felt about not knowing about his baby when she was born. You could also feel the fear that Natalie felt when she was scared that someone was going to get Autumn. But as much as I loved the main characters, I also loved Mose. Mose is Travis’s housekeeper and he is such a riot. Ms. DeNosky always has a way of making her secondary characters just as loveable as the main ones. So if you love, babies, cowboys and romance you need to get to a copy of Remembering One Wild Night, because it will be one book you will remember.

Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited Reviewer


Lonetree Ranchers: Colt
December 2003


 4 1/2 Stars - Top Pick!
Kathie Denosky finishes up her Lonetree Ranchers trilogy with a true winner, Lonetree Rancher’s: Coltwill have readers turning the pages as fast as they can to get to the delightful conclusion only to then regret that there are no more pages to turn!

Angela Keck, Romantic Times Magazine


Home for the Holidays
"New Year's Baby"
November 2003

Kathie DeNosky is best known for her sexy as sin, rescuing damsels in distress cowboys and Tate Carson is one of her best cowboys yet. This tale tugs on the heartstrings and has the reader reaching for the tissues. This is a delightfully heartwarming tale to round out a season of family, happiness and love for the Baker sisters.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS should be on your gift giving list for that special someone this Christmas!

Tracey West, The Road to Romance



Lonetree Ranchers: Morgan
October 2003


LONETREE RANCHERS: MORGAN is Kathie DeNosky's latest bravura performance for the Silhouette Desire line. Cowboys are Ms. DeNosky's specialty, and she scores again with hunk Morgan Wakefield. MORGAN is sure to delight readers with its hot, sensual and emotional intensity. Only three more months until December and Colt's story!

Debora Hosey, The Romance Reader's Connection




Lonetree Ranchers: Brant
August 2003


Wonderful! — Very Highly Recommended 
Kathie DeNosky's gift for lively characterizations promises a dynamic new series led by LONETREE RANCHERS: BRANT. Annie's quest for adventure flies in the face of convention and yet becomes a believable quest even as she lands in outrageous situations. Brant's protective streak leads them through ominous threats and outraged family, resulting in a terrific story that readers will find impossible to put down. Indeed, DeNosky's storytelling gift sparkles in LONETREE RANCHERS: BRANT, coming very highly recommended.

Cynthia Penn,





In Bed with the Enemy
July 2003


Ms. DeNosky captures the reader...from the beginning.
Kathie DeNosky sets the sparks flying as she writes a story about two law officers who don’t trust each other, but can’t keep their hands off one another. Cole tries to protect Elise from John Valente as he also tries to find a way to bring Ricky Mercado down. Ms. DeNosky captures the reader and draws them into this story of intrigue and suspense from the beginning. You will enjoy the play between the hero and heroine as they fight and love and you will shed a few tears as they take you on their journey into the Lone Star Country Club mystery. Don’t miss this installment of the series. Pick up a copy of In Bed with the Enemy and enjoy.

Helen Slifer, Writers Unlimited Reviewer





A Lawman in Her Stocking
November 2003


Rating:  Spicy 
Brenna and Dylan are compassionate characters, and they are more than capable of surviving the rocky road to happily-ever-after together. Readers can always count on wonderful secondary characters in Ms. DeNosky's books, and this is no exception. A romance brewing between Dylan's uncle and Brenna's grandmother is a sweet touch, and provides for plenty of chuckles.

Destined to be a holiday favorite, A Lawman in Her Stocking is classic Kathie DeNosky — fresh, fun, sexy and engaging!

Julie Shininger, Escape To Romance





Cowboy Boss 
August 2002


Terrific character driven romance -- Very highly recommended 
Author Kathie DeNosky pens a sparking romance in COWBOY BOSS. Faith's queasiness regarding creeping critters lends just the light note of levity to keep COWBOY BOSS a lively read. Faith's disillusion with marriage and her challenge to overcome the scars from the past neatly match Cooper's challenges. Once again DeNosky demonstrates a dazzling gift for creating a character driven tale with emotional depth balanced by the heart. Very highly recommended.

Cindy Penn, Senior Editor - 
Amazon top 50 reviewer





Cassie's Cowboy Daddy
May 2002


Rating:  Spicy
Ms. DeNosky keeps getting better and better! After reading, and loving, her previous books, I had very high hopes for CASSIE'S COWBOY DADDY. To my advantageous surprise, DeNosky managed to not only meet my expectations -- she surpassed them! She offers a romance that is both family-oriented and frankly sensual -- a fantastic combination that will delight any reader. DeNosky's ability to transport her readers into the story, along with the humor and passion prevalent in her writing, mark her as a true rising star in the romance genre.

This is most definitely not your average cowboy and baby story; DeNosky injects freshness and originality into CASSIE'S COWBOY DADDY, making it a book to treasure.

Julie Shininger, Escape To Romance





Maternally Yours
Dynasties: The Connellys
February 2002

Reading a new Kathie DeNosky book is always a treat and this one is no exception! Babe was laugh out loud funny and you'll be rooting for Elena and Brett in no time. The second book in the Silhouette Desire mini-series entitled Dynasties: The Connellys, this book takes up the events after the assassination attempt on Brett's brother. Beginning at the investigation, Kathie skillfully weaves in the previous events and drops the next plot turning with panache, tying it into the building of Elena and Brett's relationship. Even if you aren't following the series, read this book!

Kimberly Campbell, Scribes World Reviews





His Baby Surprise 
June 2001


Delightfully funny! His Baby Surprise is chocked full of surprises, grabbing the reader's attention on page one and not letting go until the last page. This is Kathie DeNosky at her best! 

If you love a story that makes you laugh then you have to pick up His Baby Surprise. Kathie DeNosky is a joy to read. She entwines a believable love story with everyday life occurrences and two characters you cannot help but love.

Leanne Hinkle, Scribes World Reviews






The Rough and Ready Rancher
March 2001


Kathie just keeps getting better and better with each book. The passion rises off the page and Jenna and Flint are real people you'd like to meet. The suspense thread was handled well and the end satisfies, leaving nothing unanswered. I'm a fan and I can't wait for her next one!

Kimberly Campbell, Scribes World Reviews






Did You Say Married?!
May 2000


Very Highly Recommended 
DID YOU SAY MARRIED?! is a hot and deliciously sexy romance by new author Kathie DeNosky. Her creation leaves the reader wanting more. Ms. DeNosky's writing is superb and her characters well created, keeping the reader totally involved waiting to see the outcome of the story. If you're looking for a romance that's hot and sexy, yet heartwarming, then run don't walk to your nearest bookstore and purchase DID YOU SAY MARRIED?! as soon as it hits the stands. DID YOU SAY MARRIED?! is one story that you will not want to miss.

Robin Peek, Under The Covers Book Reviews




Each page resulted in a chuckle. Everyone Chance encountered he corrected Kristen that she was Kristen Warren and that she might be pregnant. The banter between him and Kristen was great as was the banter between him and Kristen’s father. Kristen was a great match for Chance. Even though in a lot of ways he was domineering, unlike her father he offered his opinion and let Kristen be the one to decide. This was Ms. DeNosky’s debut book and I for one am glad Harlequin/Silhouette recognized her talent.

Christa Runge, avid romance reader, rated it 5 Hearts







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