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Lured By The Rancher

If you want to truly know a cowboy…saddle up real close 

Chance Lassiter is comfortable on a horse, not in front of a camera. But public relations expert Felicity Sinclair thinks he'd be the perfect spokesman to restore the Lassiters' tarnished image. There isn't much the wealthy rancher wouldn't do for his family, so he welcomes the sexy consultant to his ranch, wondering if she'll sink or swim on his territory. Soon he's the one drowning—in passion. This city girl sure knows how to handle herself. But when it comes to handling him? It's time for Chance to show Felicity what a real cowboy is all about.

July 2014

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When a cowboy rescues a single mom, he promises to do things the right way—his way!—in this story from USA TODAY bestselling author Kathie DeNosky 

Rancher T. J. Malloy doesn't think twice before saving a woman and her baby from raging floodwaters and taking them to his ranch. So what if it's Heather Wilson, the neighbor he's feuded with for months. Heather also happens to be heart-stoppingly beautiful and in desperate need of the kind of help only he can give. 

As the floodwaters rise, so does their passion—and T.J. will do whatever it takes to get Heather to stay…on his terms!

Your Ranch... Or Mine?

Know when to hold 'em… 

One winning hand of poker and the Lucky Ace ranch was his—half his, at least. The only thing standing in the way of Lane Donaldson making it his permanent home is the ranch's other owner.  

Taylor Scott sure is something fine to look at, but she's adamant about running the ranch herself. And then she moves in—with him! So Lane challenges Taylor to another game of poker for the ultimate prize—winner takes all.  

But who's to say they can't have a little fun while they wait for fate to deal their hand….

May 2014

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Texas Cattlemen's Club: The Missing Mogul

Josh Gordon has no intention of funding the Texas Cattleman's Club day-care center, even if sexy Kiley roberts iw the one asking. Neither has forgotten the explosive night they spent together three years ago. The temptation to mix business and pleasure is undeniable, but it's Kiley's devotion to her daughter that has Josh dreaming of a family of his own. But when Josh questions who the little girl's father really is, will the truth drive them apart or bring them even closer together?


The Good, The Bad and The Texan

What Are Best Friends For?

More than anything, Summer Patterson wants a baby. What she doesn't want is a husband. Thankfully, her best friend, Ryder McClain, makes the perfect sperm donor. Ryder is loyal, undeniably sexy and the one man she trusts—the only reason she agrees to conceive their baby naturally.

When baby-making nights with Summer blaze like the West Texas sun, Ryder feels the heat. He never expected Summer to say yes to sharing his bed. Now he's falling for her—and the prospect of fatherhood—while hiding a secret that could destroy her faith in 

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Rich, Rugged Ranchers

Email-Order Bride

It’s obvious to Eli Laughlin that Victoria Anderson has misrepresented herself. But the hardheaded rancher doesn’t care. When he advertised for a wife with ranching experience, he never expected to land anyone as intoxicatingly lovely as Tori. Now he’s having fun watching her try to bluff her way through ranch work.

The prenup has given them a month to get acquainted before finalizing their marriage. But Eli’s having a hell of a time reining in his desire. And whatever Tori’s hiding seems inconsequential when every cell of his body aches to make Tori his wife for the long-term.


APRIL 2013

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A Christmas Anthology from 3 Bestselling Authors

A Puppy for Will by Kathie DeNosky

Will Parker hasn't exactly had all his hopes and dreams met, but work has filled the gaps in his life. Or so he thinks…until an energetic and large Saint Bernard foster puppy and Will's cute neighbor Macie Fairbanks introduce him to the best thing about Christmas and life—unconditional love.


Holiday Haven by Vicki Lewis Thompson

All Ben Rhodes wants for Christmas is to be left alone. And yet, in a fit of Christmas-cheer-induced insanity, he agrees to help beautiful shelter director Tansy Dexter find homes for all her rambunctious animals. Little does he know that the one truly in need of a loving home this season…is him.

Home for Christmas by Catherine Mann

Shelby Conrad has had more than her fair share of silent nights. But even though her husband, Tech Sergeant Alex Conrad, is coming home in time for Christmas, Shelby isn't sure he's in time to save their marriage. Can a road trip to deliver three shelter dogs to their new homes teach the couple that the most precious gift of all is hope?


His Marriage to Remember
A Cowboy for Every Mood

Her heart breaking, Bria Rafferty is about to hand-deliver divorce papers to her husband when he's knocked unconscious. Now he remembers nothing of the past six months. Not Bria's unhappiness. Not the harrowing event that made her walk out the door. Sam thinks they still live together at the Sugar Creek Ranch. That his money is all she needs. That everything is just fine.

To help him heal, Bria moves back home. But once there, she can't resist a stolen embrace…a stolen night. Can she bear leaving him a second time? Or will she find the courage to stay?

JUNE 2012
A Cowboy for Every Mood
Silhouette Desire®

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Sex, Lies and the Southern Belle
Dynasties:The Kincaids

A shocking family scandal has flipped heiress Lily Kincaid's world upside down. But she has her own secret to keep. How can she avoid telling the truth to the father of her unborn baby—sexy, larger-than-life CEO Daniel Addison? Especially when being near Daniel is unavoidable, his touch irresistible… And even if his powerful, old-money family is running interference at every turn.

Daniel knows all about boardrooms and bedrooms—but not babies. Still, the wealthy businessman is ready to claim what's his. That includes Lily. The problem is convincing her that his feelings run deeper than just a Southern seduction.

Dynasties: The Kincaids
Silhouette Desire®

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In Bed with the Opposition
Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown

Texas Cattleman's Club Rule #6:
    Be Gracious in Victory

Unexpectedly becoming a father to his infant niece must have scrambled Brad Price's brain. Why else is the levelheaded ladies' man suddenly besotted with his longtime rival, Abby Langley? Being fierce opponents for the Texas Cattleman's Club presidency hasn't stopped Abby from coming to the desperate dad's aid. Now he can't stop thinking about Abby…and wanting her.

Abby finds Brad's struggles with parenthood endearing…and irresistibly sexy. And though she's sworn off entanglements, Brad's electrifying kisses weaken her resolve. It's the ultimate contest of their lives…and the only winning strategy is complete surrender.


Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown
Silhouette Desire®

Expecting the Rancher's Heir
Dynasties: The Jarrods

Melissa Jarrod treasured her secret no-strings affair with rich rancher Shane McDermott. Then a pregnancy test rocked the Aspen heiress's world. An out-of-wedlock baby would spook conservative investors in her family's luxury resort business just as she and her siblings were settling in to run Jarrod Ridge. But Shane was a man of honor— curbing his playboy ways and proposing came naturally.

Make no mistake, the bride was beautiful, but for Shane this was strictly a marriage of convenience. Melissa, on the other hand, wouldn't settle for anything less than love—for her and her child.

Silhouette Desire®
September 2010

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Born in secrecy, destined to create a startling legacy


Bossman Billionaire


One Night, Two Babies

The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir 

The Illegitimate Heirs


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Mistress of Fortune 

Dakota Fortunes


He could turn the head of any female posessing a pulse. But black sheep Blake Fortune only had eyes for Sasha Kilgore. Strikingly beautiful and smart, she was also the key to winning a bitter sibling rivalry. Since Sasha had been seen gallivanting around town with his half brother, Blake set out to seduce her away from his lifelong rival. The casino tycoon thought he could seal the deal with cool-headed detachment, but who knew he'd derive such incredible pleasure from playing Casanova...or that the scandalous truth would shatter Sasha's heart?

April 2007

The Expectant Executive
The Elliotts

After one night with rich, sexy rancher Travis Clayton, fashion magazine executive Finola Elliott discovered she was pregnant. The baby was a welcome surprise, but Fin would need the next nine months to figure out what to do about the faraway father….

Travis had never forgotten that night…or Finola.

He knew her life was in the concrete canyons of Manhattan, not the foothills of the Rockies. Still, Travis was determined to be a father to his child. And he always got what he wanted.

November 2006

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Born in secrecy, destined to create a startling legacy

 Engagement Between Enemies

Reunion of Revenge


 Betrothed for the Baby 

The Illegitimate Heirs

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Storms and passion. Unpredictable...and dangerous. 3 brand-new stories in one collection.

Whirlwind by Kathie DeNosky
Josh Garrett refuses to let storm chaser Kacie Davidson track a tornado across his Texas ranch alone. He's going with her. Now Kacie faces head-on danger from the powerful twister and from the mounting attraction between her and Josh.

Includes "Upsurge" by Kristi Gold & " Wildfire" by Laura Wright

December 2005

A Rare Sensation 
Dynasties: The Ashtons


Abigail Ashton had a weakness for injured animals and hotheaded cowboys. So when she found both a lame horse and rodeo rider Russ Gannon at Louret Vineyards, she decided to extend her vacation. Abby may have come to Louret to find the family she'd never known, but she'd stay for the pleasure only Russ could bring her. Russ was a glorified farmhand and part-time rodeo star—not the kind of man that usually dated socialites. But Abigail was not high maintenance, not self-invovled. What she was washot. And she made him hotter just thinking about her. But he had to ask himself a question: What could he possibly offer an Ashton virgin?

February 2005

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"A Smoky Mountain Christmas" 

GETAWAY- A trio of brand-new stories about three women who meet — and become friends — while stranded at the airport, en route to a holiday getaway where love is in store! from Annette Broadrick, Stella Bagwell, Kathie DeNosky

Megan Bennett goes to her family's mountain cabin in search of seclusion and escape from the merriment of the season — and discovers passion in the arms of Lucas McCabe, a man bursting with yuletide cheer.

December 2004

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Baby at His Convenience

SHE WANTED A BABY... Tick,tick,tick.... Katie Andrews's biological clock was counting down loudly.  But who in the one-horse town of Dixie Ridge could give her a baby without causing a scandal?  Then loner Jermiah Gunn Breezed into her diner and Katie had her answer.  She wanted a strong, sexy man to father her child and Jeremiah fit the bill exactly.  Trouble was, he had an agenda of his own.

BUT FIRST SHE HAD TO AGREE TO HIS TERMS... Jeremiah would give Katie what she wanted...if she agreed toshare his bed and make a baby the old-fashioned way.  But the quintessential bachelor never expected the surge of possessiveness he felt whenever Katie's soft, yielding lips touched his.  Would their primal passionate connection have Jermiah knocking down Katie's door...with a marriage proposal?

July 2004

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Remembering One Wild Night

Texas Cattleman's Club: Six wealthy Texas bachelors—all members of the state's most exclusive club—must unravel the mystery surrounding one tiny baby...and discover true love in the process!

On New Year's Eve, Travis Whelan came home to Royal and found himself face-to-face with Natalie Perez, the one woman he couldn't forget...and the baby he hadn't known about. It had been nearly a year since Trav had spent the night in Natalie's arms, a year since his secrets and her pride had torn them apart. Still, the memories of the night they'd shared burned hot. But danger had followed Natalie to Royal, and Trav was the only one she trusted to keep their daughter safe from harm. Would recalling the love they had shared help them to put aside the past and create a future for their family?

#1 Waldenbooks Best-Seller List

January 2004

Anchor 18

Home for the Holidays
New Year's Baby

Texas-style passion awaits three sisters this Chistmas. Share in their celebration with these brand-new love stories by bestselling authors Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning and Kathie DeNosky.

When Marilou Baker decides she can't face her sisters in her condition—she enlists the help of a sexy stranger as her pretend fiancé. But this holiday charade has more surprises than she expected!

November 2003

Winner - Favorite Story from an Anthology
RIO (Reviewers International Organization

Finalist - National Readers' Choice Award

Lonetree Ranchers


On the Lonetree Ranch, passions explode under Western skies for these handsome-but-hard-to-tame bachelors.

Lonetree Ranchers: Colt

All it took was one glance at the toddler in Kaylee Simpson's arms for Colt to know the two-year-old was his. Duty demanded that he do right by mother and child so he swept them off to his ranch to set up house. Trouble was, spending day and night in such close proximinity with beautiful Kaylee made the rodeo heartthrob realize that she still stoked his passion and commandeered his dreams. Although Kaylee resisted her attraction to him with all her might, he knew he'd do almost anything to win her trust and claim her as his own, once and for all!

December 2003

Nominee - Best Silhouette Desire 2003
Romantic Times Magazine

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Lonetree Ranchers: Morgan

Morgan didn't know a thing about delivering babies, but when he came across a stranded woman in labor, he knew he was her only hope. Soon he was rolling up his shirtsleeves and helping to bring Samantha Peterson's precious child into the world. And when the rugged rancher discovered that single mother Samantha and her brand-new son needed a place to stay, he felt duty-bound to offer his home. Morgan didn't anticipate the urgent, primitive stirrings the breathtaking beauty aroused. Although he had given up on ever being a husband or father, Samantha evoked his every masculine instinct—to protect, defend...and possess?

October 2003

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Lonetree Ranchers: Brant

When Brant found a lovely lady knocking on his hotel balcony door, he was intrigued. And when he discovered that Annie Devereaux was hiding from a spurned suitor, his code of honor demanded that he help her. But once he whisked her away to his ranch for safekeeping, he was beset with incomprehensible yearnings. For although he was boots and tight-fitting jeans and she was pearls and pink sweater sets, Annie affected him like no other woman ever had. And the more time Brant spent with the innocent virgin, the more he realized that, though he mustn't touch Annie, he couldn't let her go.... 

August 2003


3rd Place - Favorite Short Contemporary Romance
RIO (Reviewers International Organization)



Available as a 2-in-1 Book



Lonetree Ranchers: Brant                                         Lontree Ranchers :Morgan

In Bed with the Enemy 
Lonestar Country Club

When federal agents Cole Yardley and Elise Campbell are paired in a gun-smuggling investigation in exclusive Mission Creek, Texas, the hard-nosed ATF agent's passion for his job is soon eclipsed by his burning attraction for the sultry green-eyed FBI agent. Nor can Elise deny the way Cole makes her heart race. Breaking their code, the two share a night of passion. But when one night turns into many, Cole and Elise must decide if solving the case will end their relationsip, or mark the start of a new life—and new family—together....

July 2003

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A Lawman in Her Stocking

Brenna Montgomery's meddlesome grandmother was determined to see her wedded--and she'd chosen Dylan Chandler as Brenna's prospective groom. But Brenna didn't want a sexy, Stetson-wearing lawman who sent shivers up her spine and made her weak in the knees. She knew if she gave in to Granny's matchmaking, she'd be risking her already-bruised heart.

Feisty, sophisticated and lovely, Brenna was the type of woman Dylan avoided. Yet duty demanded he check out this new gal in town and keep her under close watch. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't get Brenna off his personal Most Wanted list. But was he prepared to pay the price of his soul-stirring sedution: marriage?

November 2002

Anchor 24

Cowboy Boss

Gentle-hearted Faith Broderick had come to the Triple Bar Ranch to start a new life, not to get involved in a matchmaking scheme intended to get Cooper Adams to cast off his bachelor coat-of-arms. But suddenly stranded with the seductive cowboy, Faith yearned for the domestic dreams she'd put aside. Soon neither could hide the passion that raged between them.

Cooper wasn't planning on heading to the hitchin' post. Yet, with her warmth, lovely Faith filled his home and the lonely corners of his heart. Cooper knew he'd better watch his step--because promoting Faith from employee to wife would be far too easy to do...

August 2002

Anchor 25

Cassie's Cowboy Daddy

And babies make four...
The remote Wyoming ranch was going to make an ideal home for Casie WEllington and her twin daughters. Until she discovered a cowboy in the bathtub. Sexy, masculine Logan Murdock owned the other half of the Lazy Ace, and he clearly didn't want a woman around.

This alluring single mother was the Widow Wellington?  From the moment his business partner's niece and her two babies moved in, Logan suspected his blissful bachelor existence was at an end.  Cassie's womanly touch could warm a man's insides--and heat up the long, cold nights.  But would she run off at the first sign of trouble...and take his heart with her?

May 2002

Maternally Yours 

Meet the Connellys--wealthy, powerful and rocked by scandal, betrayal. . .and passion!

Brett Connelly loved women--and he liked kids as much as the next guy. Still, the playboy tycoon wasn't about to trade his Jag for a minivan. Why, then, his sudden urge to rescue pregnant detective Elena Delgado?

The fiercely independent Elena resisted his every advance, resented his every gesture. No matter that this sperm-bank baby was her last hope for motherhood. . .she wouldn't succumb to Brett's easy charm.

Elena's sexy curves drove Brett crazy--and scared the heck out of him. For he feared the dainty detective and her baby-to-be might just be what it took to bring this playboy to his knees.

February 2002

Anchor 26

His Baby Surprise

DR. . . . DADDY? 
Tyler Braden was shocked that his first maternity patient in a rural Smoky Mountain clinic was the one-night stand he could never forget. And stunned to discover that her baby was his. Almost ten months ago he and Lexi Hatfield had made slow, sweet love one long, lonely night back in Chicago. A big-city doctor with big-time aspirations, Ty never planned on a son. . .or a wife. Why, then, did he fantasize about snuggling under the patchwork quilt with Lexi and enjoying a lifetime of country lovin?

June 2001

National Readers' Choice Award
for Best Short Contemporary Romance of 2001

1st Place - 2002 Write Touch Readers' Award

Anchor 27

NRCA Winner 2001
Best Short Contemporary

Anchor 28

The Rough And Ready Rancher

Hotshot horse trainer "J.J." Adams yanked off a battered Stetson--and unfurled a cascade of tantalizing curls! Rancher Flint McCray needed a stallion tamer--not some curvy cowgirl infiltrating his masculine domain. But Jenna quickly proved a natural with Black Satin--and a vexation to Flint's control. The sensual awareness that roared between them monopolized Flint's mind--he had to douse this inferno of need! But first, a much-anticipated kiss. . . Now at passion's door, could Flint possibly keep his emotions reined in? Well, for an earth-shattering night with Jenna, this cowboy would take the risk. . .

March 2001

Anchor 29

Did You Say Married?!

Chance Warren had no problem waking up next to auburn-haired Kristen Lassiter--but discovering they were married Vegas-style was a completely different story. He'd rather eat his Stetson than be roped into marriage. But his cowboy code of honor demanded he do right by the innocent beauty, especially when her pregnancy test stick turned blue. . . .

Kristen couldn't believe that one night with the sexiest man she'd ever met had left her as an expectant mother. She wasn't too keen on building a marriage based on convenience. But when Chance swept her into his arms, Kristen forgot it was only for the baby's sake, and began hoping that she was the wife he wanted. . .to love.

May 2000

2nd Place - Rising Star Award

3rd Place - Aspen Gold

3rd Place - Heart Rate Reviews Venus Award
for Favorite Silhoueete Novel of 2000

Finalist - Holt Medallion

Finalist - Notable New Author of 2000

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